TESS LLC, a South Florida based Marine Electrical company is excited to announce that General Manager and minority shareholder, Paul Salenieks, has purchased back the majority stake from RH Marine USA and now is the sole owner.

Paul Salenieks founded TESS LLC in 1984 and has held the reins until he sold a 51% stake to Imtech Marine in 2006, of which he acted as General Manager and minority share-holder. This collaboration has been a very successful partnership over the past 16 years allowing TESS to expand its capabilities.
Imtech Marine was later purchased by PON BV operating as RH Marine in 2015. Paul indicated that he wanted to buy back the RH Marine stake of TESS so that the company can return to him as a whole.

TESS remains as a strategic partner with RH Marine and will be their local dealer and distributor of all RH Marine parts and services, including all Rhodium products to the US Super Yacht market. TESS will continue to work closely with RH Marine building our future.

Paul brings the management of the successful marine electrical company back to South Florida and looks forward to expansion and growth in the local and global market places. Moving ahead, TESS will continue to serve the Super Yacht and Yacht Marina industries offering premier quality parts and services as he has done for the past 38 years. We would also like to announce the formation of Tri-City Electrical, the land based electrical division concentrating in Marina electrical services and development.
This is a growing area where Tri-City Electrical can bring expertise for the services and installation of complete Marina electrical and communication services.

If you are looking for any marine electrical sales and services please do call our Sales Manager Brett Fitzgerald at 954 261 9342 or via email Brett.Fitzgerald@RHMarine.com.