Your USSA Advocacy Team

Working together as an industry voice


The U.S. Superyacht Association (USSA) was formed 17 years ago to serve as the voice of the superyacht industry in the United States. Since that time, advocating on behalf of this $6 billion segment of the recreational boating industry has remained a top priority for the association. Over the past several years, the USSA has taken firm steps forward to secure our ability to grow this segment of the industry. The USSA works closely with our national and regional partner-organizations to continue to strive for “One Industry, One Voice.” The Advocacy Committee’s role continues to focus on the removal of regulatory and legislative barriers and other disincentives to large boats arriving and spending time cruising in the United States. The Committee has built solid relationships with U.S. regulators and legislators by presenting the significant importance of the large yacht industry through the use of economic and employment data. We aren’t alone. For many years now, the USSA once again partnered with 25 other marine trade associations to walk the halls of Congress in Washington, D.C. with one united voice representing all segments of the recreational marine industry during the National Marine Manufacturing Association’s (NMMA) American Boating Congress. Industry briefings on all the key issues are also provided during this annual gathering.

As a result of several trips to Washington, D.C. by your Association’s advocacy team, many key Congressional leaders have exhibited a greater understanding of the importance of the superyacht sector and have indicated their willingness to help support the industry in 2018. They also secured top-level meetings with Congressman Duncan Hunter (CA), Chair of the House Sub- Committee on Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation and his leadership team to identify a path forward on our U.S. flagging issue that was signed into law.


These efforts have resulted in raising the visibility of the importance of superyachts to the economy and jobs with key regulators and legislators. All of these agenda items are possible and within reach as long as the industry continues to work together. To that end, the USSA has provided training and awareness presentations at association meetings such as the Superyacht Summit to both inform and prepare the membership to act in unison on these initiatives. The strength of each individual is strong… but together is a powerful force.


  1. Work with USSA industry experts and the U.S. Coast Guard to continue develop the new U.S. Large Yacht Code.
  2. Work in coalition with other marine trade associations and the U.S. State Department to facilitate ease in obtaining B1/B2 Visas for yacht crew to work in the United States.
  3. Continue to educate legislators about the importance and significant economic impact of the superyacht industry.
  4. Work with regulatory agencies (U.S. Coast Guard, Customs and Border Protection, U.S. State Department, U.S. Maritime Administration, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers) to further improve and streamline federal regulations that impact the entry and cruising of superyachts in the United States.
  5. Facilitate the access for U.S. recreational shipyards to MARAD grant funds to support and revitalize the U.S. shipbuilding capacity.
  6. Promote the dredging of channels and waterways that facilitate the ability of superyachts to cruise to our ports and shores.

Each year, major organizations within the marine industry descend on Washington DC to meet with legislators, initiate conversation and enact positive change for our industry, whether it’s tax reform, amendments to cargo class laws or to change legislation from within the heart of the American democratic system. I went last year to document the collaboration of a small community as they came together to take on big challenges. I wanted to show the industry at large what these honorable organizations do in advocating for the advancement, protection, and dignity of a niche market. For 3 days I followed Kitty McGowan and 12 delegates representing the US Superyacht Association, as they walked the halls of congress and spoke on the industries behalf – this is what your support in these associations enables for the good of all who work in the marine space.
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