• Have your issues advocated as part of a larger voice in Washington
  • Access to shows and events across the U.S. and around the world that are focused specifically on the large-yacht segment
  • Promote your company’s products and services directly to those captains and crew working on superyachts
  • Network with other professionals in the superyacht industry


  • Join an association that has worked diligently to establish strong relationships with regulatory and congressional officials in Washington at the Coast Guard, Customs and Border Patrol and the State Department to continue to make it easier for foreign flagged vessels to cruise the United States and utilize the goods and services of the U.S. industry.


  • The USSA identifies events in the U.S. and abroad that provide members with the opportunity to interact with their target markets. Group buying power and a unified presence makes these events an even more successful venture for our members.
  • The USSA produces an annual membership directory that is distributed through key superyacht events inside and outside the U.S. In addition to providing members with excellent exposure by name and industry category to crucial markets, this directory also includes vital information for U.S. entry procedures.
  • The USSA maintains a strong web presence that serves a dual purpose: to promote the goods and services of our members to the worldwide superyacht community as well as to serve as a vital resource to captains and crew worldwide.
  • E-newsletters. Members receive electronic newsletters that will keep them up to date on the significant issues that can affect their business in the superyacht industry.


    • The USSA provides members the opportunity to establish a strong network of fellow companies in the U.S. and around the world offering their products and services to the superyacht industry.