USSA - MGBW in the news blog post

The San Diego Business Journal recently featured a front-page article on Marine Group Boat Works (MGBW), highlighting its modernization project and its impressive contribution to the yacht building industry. The piece underscores MGBW’s strategic upgrades to their Chula Vista facility, including the investment in new, custom-built equipment to advance their shipbuilding capabilities. In particular, the installation of an 820-ton mega-capacity mobile telescopic boat hoist—touted as the largest in the United States—signifies MGBW’s commitment to innovation and efficiency. Additionally, the article acknowledges the company’s significant economic impact, with references to the U.S. Superyacht Association (USSA), reflecting MGBW’s influence and standing within the maritime sector. This exposure in a prestigious business publication underscores MGBW’s role as a pivotal player in the local and national maritime economies.