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Advanced Mechanical Enterprises (AME)

Member since: 12.31.09

Christine Battles

217 SW 28th Street

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33315

United States

Region: Southeast

Phone: 954-764-2678

Mobile: 305-588-1741

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Richard Merhige

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Advanced Mechanical Enterprises (AME)

Tony Planamento


Lauderdale Marine Center:
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33315
United States

Phone: 954-764-2678


AME is a mechanical engineering company specializing in predictive, preventative & corrective maintenance for propulsion systems. AME uses the most advanced technologies and equipment to provide diagnostics, maintenance & repair for rotating & reciprocating machinery for marine & industrial applications. Work is performed in accordance with the standards set forth by SNAME and good marine engineering practice is the foundation in which we operate. The AME technician team is comprised of field service engineers, certified vibration analysts & alignment technicians. The shop team has mechanics, welders, machinists and hydraulic technicians. Since its inception in 1992, AME, under the management on President, Rich Merhige, has been commissioned the worldwide to consult on some of the most complex projects on everything from yachts, workboats, pumping stations, power plants and manufacturing facilities. AME is a recognized external specialist for condition monitoring by the American Bureau of Shipping/ABS. Capabilities: Vibration & Noise Surveys; Laser, Optical & Strain Gage Alignment; Asset Maintenance Plans; Diesel Engine Condition Monitoring ; Shaft Torque & Power Measurements ; Geometric Laser Hull Deflection Measurements; Fabrication, Welding, Machining & Line Boring; and Hydraulic Service & Repair. Authorized distributor for PRUFTECHNIK Laser Alignment & Condition Monitoring Systems and Windrock Diesel Engine Condition Monitoring Systems.