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Celebrating Gillen Yacht Services 30-year legacy – with more exciting milestones full-steam ahead

We are proud to celebrate Gillen Yacht Services‘ 30th anniversary, a remarkable milestone in the yachting industry. Founded in 1993, Gillen Yacht Services has grown from a small diesel mechanic shop to a full-service yacht repair facility, with operations now spanning three locations.

Dave Gillen Sr, COO and Founder, has been a driving force behind this growth. Reflecting on the industry’s evolution over three decades, he notes the significant changes in yacht size and complexity. His commitment to customer trust and lifestyle support, including offering extra services like company aircraft for enhanced customer support, underscores the company’s dedication to exceptional service.

The company’s achievements are not only measured by its expansion but also by the lasting relationships and problem-solving capabilities of its talented team. Dave takes pride in the long-term friendships built with customers, some spanning 30 years and multiple yachts.

Under the leadership of company president Ralph Hall, Gillen Yacht Services has continued to evolve. The focus on developing human capital and infrastructure, including apprentice and training programs, prepares the company for future challenges and opportunities. The newest location at Safe Harbor Lauderdale Marine Center (LMC) is a strategic move to cater to the larger boat market.

Gillen Yacht Services stands out as a provider of skilled technicians and a trusted advisor in the yachting community. Their 30-year legacy in the industry is a testament to their commitment to quality, precision, and customer-centric service, making them a respected name in yacht repair and maintenance.