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Cayman Islands Shipping Registry

Member since: 1/1/2011

Duncan Currie

133 Elgin Avenue

PO Box 2256

Grand Cayman, ky1-1107

Cayman Islands

Region: Caribbean

Phone: 345-949-8831

Fax: 345-949-8849



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Maritime Administration

The Cayman Registry maintains headquarters in the Cayman Islands; a European Regional Office in Southampton, UK, and representatives in the USA; Holland; Isle of Man; Jersey; Greece; France; Italy; Japan; Panama; Singapore; Brazil and Shanghai ensuring convenient, cost-effective client services, 24/7. Over 2,100 vessels fly Cayman's flag; approximately 151 "new builds" are in shipyards worldwide. Services include registration, survey and certification, crew compliance, vessel construction supervision and maritime consultancy. The main advantages of flagging Cayman include: a solid political, fiscal, and social environment in a stable parliamentary democracy (since 1831); a well-respected maritime heritage with a 115+ year-old Register; a prestigious tax-neutral, international financial jurisdiction offering first-tier business services; modern maritime legislation (based on English Common Law), excellent mortgage protection, safeguarding both mortgagees and financiers; and a statutory authority of the Cayman Islands Government with a worldwide network of skilled professional surveyors, auditors and registration personnel who value long-term client relationships.