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Member since: 8/1/2012

Kevin E. Wilson

8500 Hecksher Drive

Jacksonville, Florida, 32226

United States

Region: Southeast

Phone: 904-251-1507

Mobile: 904-307-5333

Fax: 904-251-3500



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anthony ryan


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Yacht Repair / Refit

BAE Systems Jacksonville Ship Repair (BAE JSR) specializes in MegaYacht repairs, refits, and conversions. BAE JSR continues to earn an unsurpassed reputation for high-quality craftsmanship. BAE JSR is capable of lifting the largest MegaYachts in the world. Lift capabilities: 1,000-long-ton Marine Railway (1,016 metric tons) with 900' long-ton Side Transfer (914 metric tons); 4,000-long-ton Marine Railway (4,064 metric tons) with 2,800-long-ton Side Transfer (2,844 metric tons); 13,500-long-ton Floating Dry Dock (13,717 metric tons). Pier space:139.0-meter Full-Service Pier (455 feet); 197.0-meter Full-Service Pier (646 feet); 274.0-meter Repair/Outfitting Wharf (900 feet).