The Holy Grail of Google: Create a Content / SEO Strategy to Rise to the Top of Superyacht Searches

Join digital-marketing strategist and superyacht-industry marketing expert Julie Perry for a 90-minute presentation on how to get your business’ website showing up in organic searches that can grow your business in 2022.

Register Now: Webinar - Jan 31, 2022 - Holy Grail of Google - SEO Strategy with Julie Perry

What to expect:

•   Find out how important your organic and inbound content strategy is to your overall marketing plan. (Hint: Search engine battles with your competitors can make or break your business!)

•   Learn the latest organic search trends for 2022 that you need to be aware of so you don’t lose SEO traction. (And if you have very little traction, find out how you can take advantage of new opportunities to cruise past your competitors!)

•   Get practical content marketing and SEO tips to make your website stand out.

•   Discover free tools that allow you to check the health of your website, your search rankings, and your opportunities to grow your site strategically using content.

•   Get access to a list of quick tweaks you can make to your website to increase inbound leads

•  Julie will give a 1-hour presentation and then do Q&A for the final 30 minutes. Participants are welcome to ask anything pertaining to digital marketing, including social media, social ads, search ads, email marketing, SEO, website development, etc. Come prepared with your pressing digital-marketing challenges, and ask away!

Registration Fees:

USSA Members: $25
Non-Members: $45

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Jan 31 2022


1:00 pm - 2:30 pm


Via Zoom