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Find out how our industry is playing a crucial role in the U.S. job market.

There has never been a better time to come experience all the United States has to offer!

The U.S. is proud to have some of the best superyacht builders in the world and is home to world-class refit and repair facilities with some of the industry’s most talented craftsmen standing by to assist you. Your extended cruising options are virtually unlimited and offer breathtaking scenery and safe harbors that promise fun and adventure… making the United States the ultimate Superyacht destination. Come Sea U.S. and plan to stay awhile!

Rich in breathtaking scenery, opportunities for fun and adventure, and safe yet affordable harbors to greet you, America is the ultimate yachting destination. With the industry’s most talented craftsmen and industry leaders working to improve the industry, it is the best place in the world to build or service your yacht. Innovation and strong work ethic, coupled with tradition and a solid entrepreneurial spirit, are at the heart of our American yachting industry.

Once you are here, you will be welcomed by thousands of dedicated artisans, craftsmen, designers, engineers and talented workers of every conceivable trade to create incredible yachts and products to which many in the world aspire. If it is refit and/or repair that you require, there are facilities nearby in every region that can accommodate yachts of all sizes.

Getting into the United States has never been easier. The U.S. Superyacht Association, along with our regional marine trade association partners, has been working closely with the Coast Guard, Customs and Border Protection and the State Department to streamline the entry and visa process. New programs, such as the Trusted Traveler and Small Vessel Reporting Programs that are being implemented nationwide and others are designed to continue to protect us all, yet help the entry process become more defined and convenient.

The world has seven wonders…but a trip through the seven regions of the United States’ nearly 13,000 miles of grand coastline offers the traveling yachtsman so much more. Whether it is fun and excitement or a grand escape to a secluded island, the United States has safe and secure harbors and marinas to fit everyone’s agenda 365 days a year! The incredible scenic beauty of the North East, rich with American history, beckons for a summer cruise complete with all the lobster you can eat! Lady Liberty towers over the entrance to New York’s grand harbor—standing as a welcoming icon to the American way.

As you travel South, this picturesque coastline gives way to exquisite towns and destinations through the Chesapeake Bay and the Carolinas. The beautiful beaches and blue waters of Florida beckon yachtsmen from around the globe. Sportsmen will agree that the great fishing in the Gulf would satisfy the most ardent angler. Your trip is just beginning as you cross to the Pacific and experience the beauty and splendor of Southern California and the wonders of San Francisco’s Golden Gate bridge. The trip North through the dark and mysterious waters of Washington State offer even more opportunities to experience nature in its finest offering to our largest state—Alaska—where every day offers an unforgettable memory with incredible glaciers and mountains, unique Native cultures, and a rich “Gold Rush” history.Are you packed and ready to come sea us yet?

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