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Cheryl M. Zimmerman

151 Lavan Street

Warwick, Rhode Island, 02888

United States

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Austin Berard

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Cassie Stetkiewicz

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Matthew Zimmerman

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FarSounder is a developer and manufacturer of advanced 3D sonar systems for marine navigation, obstacle avoidance and security applications. Markets include passenger vessels, large yachts, commercial and government organizations. FarSounder's navigation products operate out to 1000 m range on vessels traveling at speeds up to 25+ knots. The FarSounder security system is a unique fixed sensor 360 degree Ship Protection System, designed to protect ships on anchor or at dock. This multi-use system provides underwater threat detection while at anchor and navigation sonar while underway. The company has a worldwide distribution network with sales and installations globally. FarSounder's forward looking sonar technology delivers critical information by giving mariners the ability to ""see-ahead,"" underwater, in true 3-D: with simultaneous range, bearing and depth information. FarSounder is the global leader and innovator of marine sonar technologies.