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California Yacht Brokers Association (CYBA)

Member since: 04.26.18

Dean West

3545 Airway Drive

Reno, Nevada, 89511

United States

Region: Southwest

Phone: 800-875-2922

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The California Yacht Brokers Association (CYBA) is one of the oldest yacht broker associations in the world. Long known as an industry leader for developing an effective organizational structure, comprehensive code of ethics, and expertly crafted suite of contracts that are recognized and emulated throughout the North American brokerage community, the CYBA is a stalwart defender and champion of consumer protection, professionalism, ethics, and industry camaraderie. The CYBA is a vigorous advocate for recreational boating, by supporting respect for and preservation of the marine environment, advocacy for the recreational boating economy, and defense of the yachting industry from oppressive over-regulation, high taxation, and legislative overreach. The CYBA welcomes the opportunity to join with the USSA, to further the advancement and enjoyment of yachting, and to promote the free travel between ports and jurisdictions, by our clients and members.